In Ontario, we don’t ask where you came from – we ask where you are going and what you need to succeed.

Did you know that private career colleges in Ontario provide training to over 43,000 students each year?

The world wants a Canadian education

But right now, there are barriers to international students getting their education from a PCC in Ontario and staying in the province after graduation.

You can study here but you can’t work here after graduation

Ontario’s employers need skilled newcomers in order for the economy to grow. Unfortunately, PCC international students are not eligible for post-graduation work permits, which are available to students at publicly funded institutions. This is a major barrier to attracting skilled people to our province and country.

We can help bridge the training gap

Canada is facing a skills shortage. It needs more of everything. This is where PCCs can help, but they must be on a level playing field. PCCs must be allowed to train registered practical nurses, Ontario needs to include PCCs in their apprenticeship model and tuition assistance for PCCs should not be capped.

Did you know?


of PCC students
are women


enroll at their PCC because it
offers the programs they want,
citing small class sizes, flexible
enrollment dates and expedient
training as appealing motivators

Contact your MPP

Let’s change things right now. The most direct way to do this is to write to your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and let them know what you think. Let them know that private career colleges can and want to do more to help people achieve their dreams.

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Our students are different. They are primarily older, female and have recently arrived in Canada. PCCs give people who are not comfortable in public colleges hope for a second chance at a fulfilling career and a new life. They give that single mom the ability to provide for their children and new Canadians the opportunity to build their future.